25 Feb
The following video was made for a Mission Trip to Slovakia that took place in the beginning of November with an overall name Freedom, which was the theme of the whole trip as we visited schools and churches around Bratislava. In this video we tried to capture the message of Romans 7, where Paul writes about the wicked conduct springing from evil in us, and the need of law as a mirror in our lives that brings all of this forth, before our sight.
Do you sometimes feel like you are not able to do things, you want to do? But often you find yourself amid of things that you would never think of doing. We are all under the law, and it is only up to us, when will be the time we see it.
We want this video to be used and message to be spread out, consequently we will be more than glad if you used our video in your church, youth meeting as an addition to preaching or in any other way you find helpful, yet we would like to ask you to always clarify the message it holds for keep in mind that it was never meant to be a standalone movie in a first place.
If you have any questions concerning this video, feel free to either leave a comment or write us on our address –
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