Sense the nonsense

28 Sep

Emotional Language: Suggestion: Phraseology

While having the exact same situation we can always see it from different perspectives. Often this perspective can be seen in our own language. For instance the famous half full/half empty glass perfectly portrays such situation. While the object might still be the same and objectively nothing is changing, our own perception of the situation, our attitude will determine whether the cup is half full or empty, which logically speaking ought to have no value for our following reasoning.

To take another example, I will now ask you to read following statements one by one.

  1. There are 2 girls.
  2. First one is called Jessica and the second Julia.
  3. Jessica is fatter than Julia.

Now what did you imagine? Usually people would picture two somewhat wider girls if not then at least Jessica would be perceived as slightly obese. Yet, this assumption like the one with the glass is not completely reasonable, because the statement number 3 did not say anything about either of girls being fat. Thus the 3rd statement could have been changed, so it would go like this: Julia is thiner then Jessica. I guess that at the moment our fantasy takes us naturally somewhere completely elsewhere, still again there is no reason to believe that we are dealing with two slenderly women, for the only thing it says is that one is thinner than the other.

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