Pow! There Goes A Naturalist Down

01 Apr

“Naturalism (philosophy) commonly refers to the viewpoint that laws of nature (as opposed to supernatural ones) operate in the universe, and that nothing exists beyond the natural universe.
Followers of naturalism (naturalists) assert that natural laws are the rules that govern the structure and behavior of the natural universe, that the universe is a product of these laws…” – wikipedia

Naturalist: I have found the God gene!

Christian: Congratulations, I am happy for you! What does it mean?

Naturalist: It shows that your belief is merely a product of your brain and all your convictions, feelings, claimed personal experience or need for some kind of a higher meaning is just a result of the natural processes your mind tells you to react upon.

Christian: What do you mean by that? Are you saying that what I believe in is not real?

Naturalist: Exactly. Your faith is not based on truth. It is only your brain that tells you to believe in something, which might be for some reason beneficial or advantageous to assume, but after all, it’s fully irrational.

Christian: Oh, that’s odd. Cause it appears to be so true.

Naturalist: Yeah, that’s fair to say, but as we all were already telling you for decades – there is no God. It is just your brain.

Christian:Okay, then. I am just wondering, may I ask you how did you find it?

Naturalist: Well, it is not so easy to explain just like this, but perhaps in the raw -We studied brain, its individual sections, together with human genome and using thorough scientific methods of analysis that after lengthy research brought us to conclusion that this particular gene is responsible for you belief.

Christian: Is this what you believe is true?

Naturalist: Of course I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t tell you all this.

Christian: So, is this something that you came up with using your brain?

Naturalist: Naturally,…

Christian: But, then according to what you have just told me it must be irrational. Thus it is only something your brain created and your mind tells you to believe in for some beneficial or advantageous reason, but in summary it isn’t based on truth at all.

Naturalist: No, no, no,… but this is something we have a long-standing experience with that shows to be true and thus have good reasons to be convinced that there is a great deal of meaning in it.

Christian: Yeah, that’s fair to say, however all of this is just a result of your brain and the natural processes in your mind that it tells you to react upon. Isn’t that how you put it?

Naturalist: Yes it is.

Christian: Hmm, as I think over it again it looks like everything what you were just telling me until now was consequently not true, right?

Naturalist: I have never thought about it this way, but I guess you are correct.

Christian: I do not mean to be rude, but why are you then telling me all these things?

Naturalist: Oh, I actually don’t know…

Christian: Anyway, thanks for the talk and I am looking forward to see you again when you’ll have something real to discuss.

Naturalist: Sure, thank you too. See you later.

Pow! There Goes A Naturalist Down

The contemporary wording of this argument was made by Alvin Plantinga a Professor of Philosophy and a well-known critic of naturalism. In addition to the above shown chain of thoughts, he offers us other reasons that reveal the compelling problem evolution together with naturalism represent in regard to our cognitive faculties, as a reliable source of information about the world, reflecting reality.

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