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Peter Makovini


Peter Makovíni

I am a Christian, who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who lived, died and physically rose from the dead. This is the central truth and the main reason for the hope that is in me. I come from Slovakia, I am living in Denmark, I finished B.A. in theology from Harvest Bible College and currently I study Captology on the University of Aalborg. Throughout my life I have been involved in various kinds of ministries (e.g. mission, worship, street evangelizing) serving today as a youth pastor. It is my longing to see God further working in my life and in lives of people around me, which was the prime reason why this website was founded. I have special interest in Apologetics & Philosophy that I both consider very valuable and helpful tools when engaging in debates and meeting (post)modern scene.
Prayson Daniel

Prayson Daniel

I am by grace, mercy, will and pleasure of God the Father, called and drawn to Christ Jesus, his Son, as I am solely kept in the Son of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory and majesty of the Triune God’s name and fame. I am Tanzanian, a husband to a God treasuring and fearing, wonderful and beautiful Danish lady Lea, a father to a wonderful daughter, Eloise, student of Theology and Philosophy, youth pastor, and street evangelist whom wish to make others be glad in God. The Cross of Christ is at the center of my marriage, ministries and passion. It is the power of God that enables me to enjoy and delight in Him as I make much of Him. In my blog you would find articles that reflects my love of Reformed Theology, Apologetics, Philosophy and Church History
Why factorysense?  Well, after only a short period of brainstorming we knew sure enough that we want to do something that ultimately has a purpose and can be practically put to use, something dependable and solid that would produce meaning in a subjective and attitudinal present time. The next step took a bit longer but after certain time of searching we found what we were looking for.
The name factorysense pretty much covers our vision mentioned above. While surely there might be other explanations, what we see in this title follows. A “factory” is generally a solid place where products are assembled or constructed to be later send out to individual trade centers to be ultimately given out. Secondly, “sense” can be defined diversely, however we apply these formulations.
Sense is:
        • the ability to think or reason soundly; normal intelligence and judgment, often as reflected in behavior; 
        • something wise, sound, or reasonable; 
        • essential signification; gist; 
        • the general opinion, sentiment, or attitude of a group;

Out of the former you can already see where we are aiming by connecting these two words. We want this to be a place where solid, unwavering, and reasonable ideas are assembled with intention to be passed around and employed in peoples lives. We desire to offer basics for thinking and reasoning rigorously, employing sound judgment while showing gentleness and respect (1.Peter 3:15). Yet we are not content with passing on mere head knowledge aimlessly for the fun of it, as the ending result ought to be reflected in ones behavior. Our dream is also to play our (even little) part in a process of creating general opinion.

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