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The Moral Argument

  1. If God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist.

  2. Objective values and duties do exist.

  3. Therefore, God exists.

 Contemporary form of this argument was formulated by William Lane Craig.


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Brains of Atheism are chickening out!

Richard Dawkins

A.C. Grayling

Polly Toynbee

Once again our focus falls on events happening around the Reasonable Faith Tour 2011, where 3 prominent defenders of atheism have declined or withdrawn from the debate with Christian apologist, theologian and philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig, for rather peculiar reasons. It appears that an open academic discussion were the focus is on real “arguments, counter arguments, truth of premises of those arguments and objections to them” does not fit into the repertoire of these great humanists who are otherwise putting enormous effort into promoting atheism often by shabby ad hominem (personal) attacks, instead of engaging in the factual realm of the issue, which can be a debate like this one.

If Christianity is truly so ridiculous and everyone who believes it is simply deluded, why won’t these representatives and spokesman of rational scientific thinking just step up, throw themselves into a discussion and defend their confident words of mockery with authentic and sound arguments? Enjoy the following video 🙂

UNOFFICIAL PRESENTATION: (Independent commentary from an anxious Brit.)


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