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Grudem on Baptist Reformed Theology

Tulip“Among denominations in contemporary evangelicalism, Methodists and Nazarenes tend to be thoroughly Arminian, whereas Presbyterians and the Christian Reformed tend to be thoroughly Reformed (at least by denominational statement of faith). Both views are found among Baptists…” p. 338

“There is a long history of acceptance of the doctrine [of election] as here presented, but many others have objected to it as well. Among current evangelicals, those in more Reformed or Calvinistic circles will accept this view, as will many Lutherans and Anglicans and a large number of Baptists and people in independent churches.” p. 680

“Many within the Wesleyan/Arminian tradition have held that it is possible for someone who is truly born again to lose his or her salvation, while Reformed Christians have held that that is not possible for someone who is truly born again. Most Baptists have followed the Reformed tradition at this point; however, they have frequently used the term “eternal security” or the “eternal security of the believer” rather than the term “perseverance of the saints“. p. 788-789

Thus we might conclude that the Baptist tradition has not always been strongly rooted in the Arminian view, but has a history of a considerable Reformed influence. More importantly, in order to uphold one of the core values of the contemporary Baptist movement, namely discussion, we might expect to be engaged and welcome a similar debate among ourselves also today.

Grudem, W. (1994) Systematic Theology. England: Intervarsity Press.

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