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Christian God & Muslim Allah 2/2

Attributes of God

Quran and BibleIt is often pointed out that the list of Gods attributes in both religions is nearly identical. Both acknowledge His Judaic background and understand God to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and morally perfect creator of all that is, eternal alpha and omega, first and last, greatest conceivable being abounding with grace, mercy and compassion, most holy and righteous who alone by his very definition is worthy of worship. Except for a few disagreements, many of these above mentioned major characteristics of what is referred to be God are astoundingly corresponding. At this point however it is important to ask what do Muslims and Christians mean when they use these labels? It is the case that the same terms are being applied but are they also embodying the same concepts and ideas?[1] In the ensuing section I will analyze several of these notions.


When it is being said that God can do all things and there is nothing He cannot do, Islam and Christianity differ in their philosophic conclusions. While Muslims perceive Allah’ omnipotence in the absolute sense of the word, Christian understanding maintains a certain qualification – God can do all things (that are logically possible) and there is nothing (logically possible) He cannot do. In Hebrews 6:18 we read that “…it is impossible for God to lie”[2]. Since God is morally perfect Christians hold that it would be in the direct contrast with His nature, as if He lied, He could not be morally perfect anymore. Likewise He cannot create a stone He would not be able to lift or make a married bachelor as these are logical contradictions. Similarly God cannot learn anything new or be wrong due to His omniscience and He cannot sin due to his holiness. Consequently there are number of things Christian God cannot do, while being considered almighty within the logical framework. Now, the generous Muslim view of omnipotence raises at least one disturbing possibility. Craig writes: “[on] Islamic view of God’s power that trumps everything, even His own nature… God is so powerful that he could say to faithful Muslims on the Day of Judgment, “Ha, ha! I tricked you! I’m sending all of you to eternal hell for believing in me and my Prophet!” On this view God is not constrained even by His own goodness.”[3]


The implication springing from previous paragraph is thus unavoidable. Read the rest of this entry »


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Question suggestion

a question to consider….

Do you believe that everything that is written in Bible is true?

…Give it a thought!

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Illegal Software & Christians (revised)

Throughout my life I have often met people that were deeply involved in working with computers; I experienced ministers that were using various software for projection, video or audio editing. All my friends in school and church always had computers and had installed a wide variety of different kinds of software, copied music, downloaded movies and burned CD’s every day. I was also practically raised in an environment where rules of CopyRight did not exist. CopyRight was a Right to Copy! As most young teenagers I as well acted according to the golden rule: ”Monkey see, monkey do.” I joined my friends and joyfully followed their footsteps. We passed games to each other, watched movies that someone downloaded and of course listened to all the new cool music CD’s of famous secular but also Christian interpreters.

Then, one day my brother threw out all his burned CD’s and for the first time in my life introduced me to the true idea of copyrights. I did not take it seriously and thought that he was way too much radical; however I can say that that was the time when I slowly started to think about the whole issue of piracy and software theft. As I started to notice this “only legal software” behavior at some other people I seriously put myself into finding out whether all what I was doing was wrong or just these few people around me were somehow weird?

The challenge

In the past there was nothing like stealing software, because there simply was no software. In the past everything was hardware and since earth was created, people took this kind of crime very seriously; everybody knew very well what theft was and was also aware of the repression consequential to it. So concept of software by itself is quite young, all together not more than 60 years, and for many it is hard to implement into their way of thinking. How do we define theft? Is it when we acquire something while someone else forfeits it? I believe that many different interesting opinions and ideas could arise out of these questions; I would resolutely say that response for the second question should go much further than to just a simple “yes” answer.  There are still millions of people in countries all over the world that did not meet with notion of software and thereby it is important to clear this out for ourselves in order to be able to communicate it further to these people in the future. Many are today convinced that software is too expensive to buy and companies like Microsoft or Mac are already very wealthy therefore they do not need the additional money for my one little copy of their product, but is that really true? Others say that the copyright law is not clear enough, it changes too frequently and they are not willing to study it every time it does change, more than that they see everyone around doing it, including their brothers and sisters in faith.  So how is it when even Christians do so, is it an excuse for us to do likewise when majority is doing it? Maybe they truly realize the gravity of copyright law and also see copying software as stealing, but still own some black copies and as they often claim, are planning to buy it later; Is this alright then? And probably the most common case occurs still when simply people say: “I do not have money for all of it, but I want to watch movies and I want to listen to music. I do not harm anybody, if I had to buy it I would not buy it anyway and after all nobody is inspecting it so they are not going to catch me.” Does lack of money excuse us to copy software that we did not pay for on our computer? Is not there something a little bit astray if our standard of doing something is based on considering the fact whether they are going to catch us or not? One of the most often excuses Christians make when downloading worship songs is that it is not the same, that it is different because they have good motives, they want to praise and give glory to God. And God looks first of all at the intentions of heart. So is it OK then to download music? Read the rest of this entry »


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The week deal

“This book (the Bible) will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book.”

Dwight Lyman Moody


Rom. 3:23; Pr. 28:13; I Jn. 1:7-9; Lk. 17:3-4; Rom. 8:1 

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