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Interview with Peter Makovini on Religion & Faith

What does your religion mean to you?

It’s the foundational rock from which nearly everything else unwinds. In other words, it influences my worldview to its deepest measures.

What makes your life valuable when you’re religious?

Namely because I am a Christian, I see life as something valuable since it was created by a loving God, according to his own image with a specific intention for every individual.

Do you try to make other people believe the same as you? If yes, a short explanation why?

I surely am. Before I answer why, I think it’s important to differentiate ones view on Christianity and being “religious”. For there is a serious number of people out there who the word Christian and “being religious” take as a mere tradition of going to church, having Children Baptism or Confirmation. While those are all good things, there is much more to being a Christian. In the end, you need to ask yourself the question – ”Does God really exist?” and if he exists “Is He the God about which we read in the Bible?” Because there surely are answers to those. It’s either “yes” or “no”. No matter which of them you take, this belief should seriously affect the way you live your life.

When I tried answering these questions for myself, after some years I had to say “yes” to both. This knowledge brought joy into my life which I simply had to share with other people and later as I read my Bible I found that it is actually also something we are to do as Christians, in places like Mark 16:15 “…Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.

Do you think other religions offer a better life than your, even though you believe in what you do?

This question can be answered in a number of ways since it very much depends on what the word “better” means. I guess I would briefly say that if one thinks merely about expanding his material wealth, securing health and enjoying all the 21st century pleasures Earth can offer, than I would agree that the belief that God does not exist, namely atheism, might be the “better” way. However if meaning, purpose, joy and happiness are part of the definition, I would say that I don’t think other religions including Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam, even if true, can offer better life.

Do you think your religion expand in a way that makes your life more valuable?

It seems to me that the question 2 and 5 are quite similar so I would just add to it in the way I understood it. I indeed can say that I know for sure that Christianity expands the value of one’s life in contrast for example to atheistic belief. Try to follow me here.

When someone puts his faith on the fact that there is no God, no Creator, nothing but a blind chance by which we ended up all here on this speck of dust called Earth in the endless and mindless universe; he must deal with a series of terrible truths for his life and his future. Namely, that his very existence is absurd without a real purpose, meaning or value. If life ends at the grave it makes no ultimate difference whether you live as a Stalin or as a Mother Teresa. One of the prime atheists in Britain, Professor Richard Dawkins puts it well, for given atheism: “There is at bottom no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pointless indifference… We are machines for propagating DNA… It is every living object’s sole reason for being.” More than that from what we know from modern science is that the universe is expanding and as the galaxies are further and further apart it gets colder and colder for its energy is used up… Eventually all the stars will burnout. There will be no light; no heat; no life; only corpses of dead stars and galaxies, ever expanding into the endless darkness. Not only that life of each individual person will stop, but at some point the accomplishment of human civilization as such will perfectly turn in vain. There is no hope, no escape.

I admit, this alone does not make Christianity true, yet it shows some good news about how much this belief expands value of one’s life, simply by giving it objective meaning.

Many of my answers were inspired by the book “On Guard” written by Professor William Lane Craig.
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The week deal

“The true calling of a Christian is not to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

A. P. Stanley


I Cor. 1:26-28; II Timothy 2:20-21;

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…a few thoughts for a Christian leader

Let me start with a simple question. How would you define “leader“?

One of the Webster’s dictionary definitions is saying that the leader is: “a person who has commanding authority or influence” in free Farlex dictionary we can find a slightly different definition that is saying:” One who is in charge or in command of others.” Or “a person who rules, guides, or inspires others; head”. However this is only a general definition of the word “leader” today. There are surely many other definitions that are dependent on a department that we are dealing with (e.g. Business, Economics, Sports, Transport, Art, Government, Law…).

Now let’s focus on a definition of a leader in Christian environment. When we talk about a Christian leadership it is important to start with talking about Jesus and His command to us as a Christians. Several times He is saying follow me! (Matt 8:22; Matt 9:9; Luke 18:22) or maybe even more clearly we read in 1 Pet 2:21: ”To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps.” This passage of scriptures was originally written for servants and slaves.

Look upIt is essential to look up to Jesus, to take him as an example, to follow his lead. In connection with Christian leaders it is important twice as much. So we see that one of the important things is to be a servant. This shows a little difference comparing to commercial world. It is not common for your boss, in your job to serve you that much even though he might help you sometimes but it is not that kind of servant hood that we are talking about. Christian leader must be able to be submissive and devoted they must be able to bring sacrifices. Jesus did that when he was washing feet of his disciples (John 13:4-5). Are any of us more then him not to do so? Read the rest of this entry »

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