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William Lane Craig comes to Denmark!

Does God Exist?Yesterday we had a wonderful opportunity to witness the long-awaited debate between Prof. Klemens Kappel and Prof. William Lane Craig trying to answer the question: Does God exist? Over 600 people gathered in Bethseda building in Copenhagen. Both theists (Christians, Muslims…) and atheists under one roof in expectance to find some answers for their questions that would support their worldview as more rational. The debate had its traditional form:

2 x 20 min presentation (positive case goes first)
2 x 12 min rebuttal
2 x 8 min rebuttal
2 x 5 min closing statement

First one to present his positive case was Prof. Craig, who guided us through 3 reasonable ways of inferring that something might be one way rather than the other.

  1. Logical argument
    1. Cosmological argument
  2. Argument from the Best explanation
    1. Fine-Tuning of the universe
    2. The origin of the universe
  3. Historic explanation
    1. Resurrection of Jesus Christ (and the 3 indisputable facts rooted in historic sources)
      1. The empty tomb
      2. Post-mortem appearances of Jesus
      3. Strong faith of disciples that even lead them to die for their cause

After this Prof. Kappel compared God to other mythical beings like Thor or Aphrodite in effort to show the absurdity of such reasoning. Afterwards he explained that we ought to give space to science and common sense that tells us that such creatures do not exist and even though there are areas that science cannot yet give account for, we ought to stay careful in filling them with God. He stated that he will not respond to the arguments given by Prof. Craig for we should not give them so much credit, rather he will only give reasons to show why atheism is a better option. For it is most likely impossible to show somehow with arguments that God does not exist. Quote: “Not to persuade you, but to illustrate“. Then he presented some kind of dialectical issue in which we deal with two people who come to different conclusions based on the same evidence. However they are so convinced that their explanation is the right one that they are beyond the reach of reasoning and no debate will persuade them otherwise, thus only some sort illustrations can bear meaning. At last he elaborated on the origin of belief stating, that the reason why people believe in various religions is to large degree the background in which they were born to and raised in. Read the rest of this entry »


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William Lane Craig comes to Denmark!

17.april (Tuesday)

William will give a lecture at Aalborg University on the topic – The Problem of Evil. There are only 150 places, so be quick to come!

Address: Kroghstræde 3, 9220 Aalborg Øst, in a big auditorium (room 1.104) from 10:00 to aprx.16.

The Problem of Evil

The problem of innocent suffering–usually called ‘the problem of evil’ by philosophers–is the most important argument against the existence of God. Dr. Craig differentiates between the emotional and intellectual problems of evil in order to help keep our thinking about this controverted subject clear. He further differentiates between internal and external versions of the intellectual problem of evil, arguing that while the former is generally thought to have been resolved, the latter remains a subject of debate. During his morning lecture Dr. Craig will set up the problem and discuss the internal version; during the afternoon lecture he shall address the external version.

18.april (Wednesday) 

Following day he will come to Copenhagen to engage in a debate with Mr. Klemens Kappel. (click to see the previous article, that shortly covered Kappel’ professional background) on the question: Does God exist? You can enjoy a Free Entry, so come and see this leading craftsman of contemporary apologetics in action for yourself!

Klemens Kappel & William Lane Craig

You can also print a poster and advertise this event in your neighbourhood or join it on facebook to see who else is coming (facebook event is in danish).

Address: Rømersgade 17, 1362 Copenhagen K from 19:00 – 22:00


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The Moral Argument

  1. If God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist.

  2. Objective values and duties do exist.

  3. Therefore, God exists.

 Contemporary form of this argument was formulated by William Lane Craig.


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William Lane Craig comes to Denmark!

We are coming back to you with a new information regarding William Lane Craigs visit in Denmark.

The previously “unknown atheist” is Ph.D., cand. philosophy, and cand. medicine Klemens Kappel who is a director of department of Philosophy on the University of Copenhagen.

“Klemens Kappel has a broad research profile in analytical philosophy and has contributed to research at an international level in epistemology, ethics, bioethics, meta-ethics and political philosophy. In ethics he has published work on consequentialism and egalitarianism, and issues in political philosophy. For several years his research interests have focused on epistemology, in particular externalist theories of knowledge and justification and problems in moral epistemology. He has published work on epistemological naturalism, skepticism, transcendental anti-skeptical arguments, moral intuitionism, moral coherentism and the generality problem. Klemens Kappel’s current research interests are within social epistemology broadly construed, and he is currently working on questions concerning the value of knowledge, the social function of knowledge and knowledge attribution, the semantics of knowledge ascriptions, disagreement, testimony and the political philosophy of knowledge production.”

profile taken from a website of University of Copenhagen

To read more (supervision, publications, personal interests)  about Mr. Kappel click here.

We are not sure yet when or where exactly will the debate take place, neither what the debate will be about, however there are some hints arising from the nature of Mr. Kappels profession.


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William Lane Craig comes to Denmark!

Out of information we receive, we are more than happy to share with you that Dr. William Lane Craig who is at the moment on his Reasonable Faith Tour in London will most likely come also to Denmark around April 2012. For it emerged that he accepted an invitation by a local professor to give a lecture in the Aalborg University in Jutland and debate, until now an unknown local atheist.

Stay with us on this news, and we will come back to you as soon as we’ll know anything particular.

In the meantime see also:


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Brains of Atheism are chickening out!

Richard Dawkins

A.C. Grayling

Polly Toynbee

Once again our focus falls on events happening around the Reasonable Faith Tour 2011, where 3 prominent defenders of atheism have declined or withdrawn from the debate with Christian apologist, theologian and philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig, for rather peculiar reasons. It appears that an open academic discussion were the focus is on real “arguments, counter arguments, truth of premises of those arguments and objections to them” does not fit into the repertoire of these great humanists who are otherwise putting enormous effort into promoting atheism often by shabby ad hominem (personal) attacks, instead of engaging in the factual realm of the issue, which can be a debate like this one.

If Christianity is truly so ridiculous and everyone who believes it is simply deluded, why won’t these representatives and spokesman of rational scientific thinking just step up, throw themselves into a discussion and defend their confident words of mockery with authentic and sound arguments? Enjoy the following video 🙂

UNOFFICIAL PRESENTATION: (Independent commentary from an anxious Brit.)


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Does Good come from God?

This was the title of a debate that took place on April 7, 2011 in the University of Notre Dame, Indiana between William Lane Craig and Samuel Harris.

By now we have already devoted some time to professor Craig in the section – Video of the week, but to have it all together William Lane Craig is a Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, California. He studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.A), The University of Birmingham (Ph.D.) and finished at the University of Munich as Doctor of Theology in 1984 since then he has authored or edited over 30 books. He is an Evangelical Christian apologist, theologian and philosopher as well as a contemporary proponent of natural theology, often participating in debates on the existence of God.
Mr. Samuel Harris is a Co-Founder and CEO of Project Reason, a nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. He received B.A. in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Mr. Harris’s writing has been published in over 15 languages. He and his work have been discussed in TIME, The New York Times, Scientific American, Nature, and many other journals. He is a well-known contemporary critic of religion, along with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Being a member of the New Atheism movement, Harris also calls for separation of church and state, civil rights for the non-religious as well as freedom to criticize religion.
Wish you a pleasant experience and plenty of new insights! 🙂
Full Audio recording: Mirror 1 (Apologetics 315)
I will not take time for the evaluation or a review of the debate, for there has been many others who did so already. If you are interested in some of them here you can find reviews of this debate both from atheists and by Christians.
Sources: Debaters own websites (, completed by wikipedia
written by Peter Makovíni 

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